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The suitable brochure for your own company will help set
the tone for whatever you wish to say. Here at KT Litho,
we are professionals at Brochure Printing in Chester who
know how to get it precise first-time, every time. Our
brochures can be purchased in various different sizes (
A4 , A5 and A6 ) , printed colour onto 130gsm or 170gsm
gloss paper, or perhaps 120gsm bond paper .

Why would you go for Brochure

Printing in Chester?

Brochure printing is the right way for you to commence
sharing the word on your business as well as services.
Generate hype for a company by generating an extensive,
bright brochure printed to the finest quality and also
reflecting the company image. Brochure printing is as
unique or just as basic as you need it to be; together with
our incredible turnaround time means that you could
present a business quickly.

A Brochure contributes to The Business


Planning a brochure contributes to developing the
business persona. A nicely designed brochure that's
carefully produced is worth significantly more than its
actual cost. Understanding what printers would like when
it becomes the time to print the brochure could save you
time and effort as well as frustration.

Making the Brochures Be Noticed

Printed brochures are a sure-fire way for you to showcase
the business and additionally connect with more
purchasers. Brochures provide up vital facts about a
product or service, deliver information about your
organization as well as provide clients something
physical to look at, touch as well as carry with them.
People in general consider trifold leaflets as the typical,
but of course, brochures can be found in various other
sizes and shapes, for instance sell sheets, product
manuals, pamphlets, menus, newsletters in addition to
spec sheets.

Make certain the booklet or the

promotional flyer is not hard to


If you already hold customersí interest with an attractive
style and design, they wonít really want to look through
prolonged, dense text. Buyers really need to get to the
point - quickly. Utilize larger, clear headers in a sans serif
font, and then have bigger sections of wording in a serif
font. Bullet are a fantastic way to highlight important facts
without using lots of space , and additionally youíre not
confined to dreary black-coloured dots - try to keep it
looking neat and tidy, suitable to apply as the bullets .
Dollar signs, ticks, silhouettes, coloured dots as well as
many other images can really add artistic attraction to
bullet marks, once done efficiently, should assist to make
added focus on your better selling items.

Ensure that you make use of ample bright white areas,
and even experiment by using shadows to help to make
the brochure design thoroughly jump off the page.

Customized Brochure Printing in Chester

For Specialty Brochure Printing in Chester, KT Litho
needs to be the initial option! Customized shapes,
specialized paper, metallic ink, glossy UV outside layer,
die cutting, foil stamping, decoration or customized folds
which will make the promotional material POP! The
variations are unlimited restricted only by your ( also our )
creative imagination . Our experienced staff will help you
choose the best option for your own advertising project
from among an enormous variety of print options.

Contact us today for Brochure Printing in

If you happen to want qualified Brochure Printing in
Chester give KT Litho a ring on 01706 632 933 or maybe
message us at and one of our
professional printers will be able to get right back to you.
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