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Pull up banners Wales

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Pull up banners Wales

Pull up banners in Wales are quite possibly the most
common form of banner stand available to buy.   Pull up
banners are offered in all variety of widths and heights
though the more standard sizes are 800mm wide x 2m

Pull up banners are a flexible, lightweight and easily
transported portable display banner solution that could be
employed on its own or as a centre piece or backdrop for
a larger display.

Pull up banners to enhance Your

Business in Wales

Pull up banners are a particularly inexpensive approach
to market any type of business. They're also simple to set
up and dismantle which makes them good for non-
permanent showcases. Pull up banners include their very
own case which can be light-weight to carry and space
saving when not in use.
Potential benefits to Pull Up Banners
• Perfect for any type of corporate setting
• Lightweight
• Fast and simple to set up and pull down
• Full colour graphics
• User friendly
• Includes its own moulded carrier

Pull up banners Mechanics

Pull up banners perform similar to a roller blind. The
artwork retracts in to a metal or sometimes bamboo
platform. The artwork is pulled from right out of the
platform and locked in place with a rod that rests at the
back of the device. The pull up banners pole is
sometimes in two to three parts and will be attached by
bungee cord or perhaps the form of a telescopic pole.
Both rod models should certainly collapse to a small
segment for storage inside of a compact carry bag.
Materials for Pull up Banners
The struts can be built from thin gauge aluminium, thicker
gauge aluminium or powder coated steel. There is
obviously a weight difference here, but it is worth taking
into consideration that heavier structures have more built
in stability.

Pull up Banners in Wales are often fabricated from PVC
or polyester. All graphic panels really needs to be
laminated to the face, both for surface protection against
grimy finger marks and scrapes and because the
laminate has blockers against ultraviolet rays to help
prolong the life of the art work. Gloss laminate is perfect
for colour depth nevertheless it will show scuff marks and
also reflect ambient and fixed lights , sometimes
obscuring the graphic panel. Smooth, matt laminates are
the worst for showing scuff marks.

The laminate should not be too ‘soft’ as the graphics may
experience edge wrinkling after lengthy use .
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