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Pull up banners Cumbria

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Pull up banners, Cumbria

Pull up banners, sometimes known as Roller banners,
Stand up banners or Pop up banners are a great
alternative for every business advertising and marketing
purpose; from meetings, exhibitions and meetings to
reception area and window displays. A cost-effective pull
up banner solution for those who want to make a big
impression on a small budget in Cumbria! 
Exactly what are the features of Pull up
Banners in Cumbria?
Pull up banners sturdy, long lasting and simple to use.
They are also speedy to pack away and to store, ticking
all the boxes for any company mindful of making a
professional impression with the minimum of fuss.

How Pull Up Banners Operate

Pull up banners operate by turning the printed design
panel into a base containing a spring-tensioned roller
system. When packed away the printed pull up banner
graphic is completely stored inside the casing. To
assemble the pull up banner, easily bring up the graphics,
hook it on the rod and your display is complete!
The Pull Up Banner display works with a visual panel
connected with a spring-loaded roller upon which the
artwork winds for storage. Once you're wanting to exhibit,
simply pull-up the image panel, and then fixed to the
support post at the back of the roller, this keeps the
advertising and taut in position. This can be used
individually, or in series, as warrants. Like table top
displays, they're in most cases very light-weight, and are
simply moved and put together without having to use any
on-site labour.

How are Pull up Banners put together? 

Pull up Banners can be constructed with materials such
as PVC and Polyester. All graphic panels should be
laminated, for surface area barrier against scrape and
finger marks and, the laminate has blockers against uv
sun rays to ensure the life of the advertising. Gloss
laminates are great for colour depth and tone but do
clearly show scrapes as well as reflect ambient and fixed
lights strongly, sometimes obscuring the visual. Smooth
matt laminate is the worst for exhibiting imperfections. 
The parts are usually manufactured from fairly light in
weight materials, and stored away in small traveling
cases, often encased in moulded plastic. 

Contact us for Pull up Banners in


You'll find so many incredibly low cost pull up banners
available on the market and they can prove to be a false
economy. Most will be extremely volatile with thin
graphics which will allow light to filter through.

The calibre of the materials might be poor and vulnerable
to breaking. Such low quality stands can represent a bad
investment. If in doubt about what will suit your application
and budget, or to talk about our the numerous types of
pull-up banner we can supply just contact us on 01706
632 933 or email us at info@ktlitho.co.uk
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Quality Print in the UK
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